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access america - your guide to government services
access america for seniors - senior gateway to the u.s. government
access america for students - student gateway to the u.s. government
buying direct from the government
federal rules of civil procedure
intellectual property network - to search & research
library of congress
north american free trade agreement
official website for searching the u.s. government
supreme court of the united states
the united states senate
the u.s. constitution online
u.s. federal government agencies directory
u.s. government information
u.s. house of representatives
welcome to the white house

political news and commentary:
bulletin news - published each business day by an experienced, bipartisan team
american blues - political news daily
c-span - website for private, non-profit cable television channel covering public affairs
democracy net - interactive website providing information to educate and involve voters
democracy today - utilizing the power of the internet to make a political impact
grassroots enterprise - political action network
netcitizen.org - speak out, listen, make changes
it's your congress, learn to laugh - using humor to teach people about congress